1. Tickets are non-transferable, NON-REFUNDABLE, non-changeable.

  2. First name, last name and the middle name/initial must be entered into the reservation exactly as it appears on your Government Issued Identification, such as your passport.

  3. Name changes are NOT permitted.

  4. GetawayASAP does not advise on Visa or Travel Documentation requirements or information. If passengers do not have the appropriate visa or travel documents, they will be denied boarding.

  5. GetawayASAP has no control over airline schedule changes, it is the passenger’s responsibility to reconfirm their itinerary directly with their airline 72 hours prior to travel to ensure there are no schedule changes to their original flight itinerary.

Fare Rules and Policies

  1. Prices are shown in U.S. Dollars unless specifically indicated otherwise. Airfares and reservations are not guaranteed until all funds are collected, clarifications if any are resolved, fares are reconfirmed, and tickets are issued.
  2. From the time of booking until the latest of 24 hours or the time ticket is issued, sufficient funds must be available on the credit card used for purchase to successfully charge and issue the ticket(s). If there are problems processing the credit card(s), be it for lack of funds or restrictions, GetawayASAP will not guarantee the price quoted at the time of original booking or subsequent booking(s). Following a decline of credit card usage the customer attempting the charge is responsible for resolving the credit card issue(s) in a timely manner. Following a credit card decline, GetawayASAP, at its discretion, may reprice, rebook and issue the ticket(s). If following the reprice and or rebook there are changes, GetawayASAP will advise the customer and request approval. Tickets will not be issued until customer approval is provided. It is the customer's responsibility, not that of GetawayASAP, to review and verify all credit card information at the time of making the reservation and during any subsequent interactions.
  3. First name, last name and the middle name or initial must be entered into the reservation exactly as it appears on your Government issued Identification, be it your passport, driver license or other acceptable forms of identification as may be required.Name changes are not permitted.
  4. Tickets are nontransferable.
  5. When applicable you may accrue miles subject to the airline rules and policies. GetawayASAP is not responsible for mileage credits and Upgrades. Upgrades, if allowed, are purely at the discretion of the airline. Check directly with the airline for additional information.
  6. Charges may include a non-refundable GetawayASAP booking fee which may be billed separately on your credit card statement.
  7. Total charges for the booking may include one or more charge on the credit card(s) by GetawayASAP, the ticketing airline and other partners such as Travel Guard, our insurance partner.
  8. Customers who purchase trip insurance are asked to contact Travel Guard directly for any changes, cancellations and clarifications 1-866-385-4839.
  9. All customers travelling internationally will be required to obtain and carry necessary and pertinent travel documents, particularly when travelling on a one way, including but not limited to, Passport, Business VISA, permanent or semi permanent Work VISA, Student VISA, Transit VISA, Advanced Parole etc. Traveler is responsible for the review of travel restrictions to determine and obtain all required travel documentation ahead of the originating travel date as may be necessary. Neither GetawayASAP nor its agents are responsible for providing answers to specific questions related to travel documentation requirements. Customers may not be allowed to fly without proper travel documentation.
  10. Our Quality Control Team perform security checks on each booking, and may in some cases contact you to verify specific information regarding your reservation. It is very important to get back to them ASAP.

Refunds and Exchanges

  1. If allowed by the airline fare rules associated with the ticket(s) issued, ticket(s) may be refunded or exchanged for the original purchase price less the applicable penalties, service fees, plus any fare difference between the original fare paid and the fare associated with the new ticket(s).
  2. Airline fare rules vary and no general set of fare rules apply to all tickets. Airlines attach customized fare rules to various types of tickets that are issued by GetawayASAP. When in doubt customers must research the applicable fare rules and seek clarifications before making a purchase and/or exchanging or refunding the tickets.
  3. If purchasing a flight itinerary with multiple flights you must take all flights, if you miss any of the connecting flights, all remaining flights will be automatically cancelled by the airline per ‘no show’ rule. Your ticket will then have zero value.
  4. All cancellation and exchange requests must be initiated by email to CustomerSupport@GetawayASAP.com 7 days before scheduled departure. In addition to the associated refund and exchange fee(s), GetawayASAP may assess an escalation fee for last minute requests.Verbal cancellation or change requests cannot be accepted. Cancellation requests are not confirmed until a confirmation email has been sent by in reply by GetawayASAP.com.
  5. Name Changes are not permitted.
  6. A ticket loses all value if/when the passenger associated with the ticket during any part of the travel does not show up at the check-in counter or cancel the booking at least 2 hours before scheduled departure or as required by specific airline rules. Customers desiring to make last minute changes (within four hours of scheduled departures) must contact the airline directly for assistance. If GetawayASAP Customer Support Department are closed, always contact your airline directly to cancel.
  7. International travel often includes multiple airlines, each with individual set of fare rules. If more than one set of fare rules are associated with the total fare, the most restrictive conditions of each rule apply to the entire booking.
  8. Changes are not allowed on all tickets. If changes are allowed and the total fare of the new ticket including base fare, fees, penalties and taxes is more than the original ticket fare, GetawayASAP must collect the additional difference before processing the refunds or issuing the new ticket(s).
  9. Refunds are not permitted on all tickets. If tickets are refundable processing refunds and exchanges for most international tickets is a complex and time consuming procedure and can take between 6 – 8 weeks for the airlines to process. GetawayASAP makes every effort to ensure that tickets are exchanged or refunded in a timely manner. Refunds may include a separate fee from GetawayASAP which will be charged as part of the cancellation penalty.
  10. Depending on the nature, complexity and revenue loss incurred in the process of exchanging or refunding ticket(s), GetawayASAP charges variable refund and exchange fees.
  11. GetawayASAP has no control over airline penalties associated with refunds or exchanges which can range between $250-$600 per ticket in most cases.
  12. GetawayASAP has no control over airline schedule changes, it is the passenger’s responsibility to reconfirm their itinerary directly with their airline 72 hours prior to travel to ensure there are no schedule changes to their original flight itinerary.
  13. In cases of a travel emergency where our Customer Support Department are closed, passengers must contact their airline directly.